Episode: 16 Let’s Talk Moving – Greg Maher 50 years in the Moving Industries – Moving Sales Professionals

Episode: 16 Let’s Talk Moving – Greg Maher 50 years in the Moving Industries

In this episode of, Let’s Talk Moving. Your host, Yuriy Margolin, owner of Moving Sales Professionals. The number one Sales call center for the Moving Industry. Had the privilege of interviewing Greg Maher. A true Moving Sales Professionals, with 50 years in the Moving Industry.

After Greg’s 15 years as General Manager of Berger in Fullerton and 4 years as Regional Manager for AZ, NV, & CA. He will be retiring very soon!

With the help of the staff in Fullerton and support of management and ownership Greg has been able to turn a $4 Million/year company in 2006 into a $16.5 Million and growing company in 2020.

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Moving Sales Professionals is a 100% US-based Call Center for the Moving Industry. Booking moves and providing customer service since 2018. Over 20 years of Moving Industry Experience, with all lead sources, all CRMs, and book residential/commercial, local, and long distance moves..We hire, train in-house, and have sales professionals ready to fill up your calendar as soon as today. More than just a Call Center, we work with new and experienced owners to provide industry know-how and strategies to improve your business. Covering Continental USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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