Episode: 21 Let’s Talk Moving – Business Moving Group – Moving Sales Professionals

Episode: 21 Let’s Talk Moving – Business Moving Group

In this episode of, Let’s Talk Moving. Your host, Yuriy Margolin, owner of Moving Sales Professionals. The number one Sales call center for the Moving Industry. Had the privilege of interviewing Rachel Houghton the Managing Director of Business Moving Group.

Rachel joined BMG in 1998 and became managing director in 2008, where she has responsibility for the strategic growth and day to day management of Business Moves Group. She is a companywide mentor and change agent in the business and thrives on decision making and innovation. She works with a strong management team and continues to develop close relationships with the client base and has overall responsibility for HR, health and safety and compliance.
During her tenure, Rachel has restructured the organization, grown the business divisions and rebranded the company. Her leadership has been vital in challenging business times, including the 2008 financial crash and the Covid pandemic. She heads up the bid team for major contracts to deliver sustainable client solutions fit for purpose. She has held a number of positions at BMG in project management, operations, sales, as commercial director before becoming managing director. Rachel is passionate about evolving the company and making it a fun and effective place to work.

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