Episode: 22- Let’s Talk Moving – Move for Hunger – Moving Sales Professionals

Episode: 22- Let’s Talk Moving – Move for Hunger

In this episode of, Let’s Talk Moving. Your host, Yuriy Margolin, owner of Moving Sales Professionals. The number one Sales call center for the Moving Industry. Had the privilege of interviewing Adam Lowy founder of Move for Hunger.

Adam Lowy basically grew up on the back of a moving truck. Lowy’s Moving Service has been moving lives and furniture in New Jersey for nearly a century, and Adam spent plenty of summers helping his dad and uncle with the family business. Every job was different, but if there was one thing every customer had it common it was that they all threw out a lot of stuff when they moved. Clothes, furniture, electronics…you name it, people tossed it. But it was the food that really bothered Adam. Sometimes a box stuffed with enough food to stock a pantry would be left by the curb. Other times it was simply a stray can of soup forgotten in the back of a cupboard. Either way, it always felt like a minor tragedy that perfectly good food was going to waste. Recognizing an opportunity to make a difference in his community, Adam decided to take action. In 2009, he and his family started asking customers if they had any food they would like to donate to the local food bank. After just one month, he had collected 300+ pounds of food. Adam wondered, “If one company could make this kind of impact, what could an entire network of moving companies do?”

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