Morning with Movers: Creating Memorable Moves

Morning with Movers: Creating Memorable Moves

Welcome back to Mornings with Movers! In this episode, DwYght from Mack’s Moving Training and Clifford Starks, The Motivational Coach, dive into the dynamics of the moving industry and discuss how moving companies can stand out by connecting with their customers on a deeper level.
As they explore what makes a moving company unique, they emphasize the importance of conveying your company’s values, mission, and the experience you offer. By making the customer feel safe, relaxed, and valued during the stressful process of moving, you can turn an ordinary transaction into an unforgettable experience.
Discover how understanding your clients and connecting with them on a personal level can lead to long-lasting customer relationships and set you apart in a competitive market.

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Mack’s Moving Training was born to help other Moving Owners simplify the process and get their time back. With this day and age, employee turnover is a real thing and to constantly have to repeat yourself has to be the thing of the past in order for us to grow. We hear from a lot of moving companies “we train our crew members on the truck” (which means on the job). This is a very stressful situation for a new candidate and whether you believe it or not it could be stressful for you as well. Hoping and crossing your finger your new mover doesn’t cause damage or hoping your most senior crew member doesn’t up and leave one day. Owners have too much stress to begin with training doesn’t need to be. Now we discussed the moving aspects, how is sales trained? Are they Just thrown on the phone hoping they get a sale and if they don’t, they’re gone? Let’s be intentional about our process, set our employees up to succeed and in the end we all are rewarded.

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