Morning with Movers: From Goals to Gratitude, Influencing 1 Billion Lives

Morning with Movers: From Goals to Gratitude, Influencing 1 Billion Lives

In this engaging episode of “Morning with Movers,” we dive deep into the journey of personal growth and the pursuit of extraordinary goals. The key message here is to not just reach your goals (Point B) but to constantly strive to surpass them, fostering continuous growth and self-improvement.

Clifford Starks emphasizes the importance of setting new, larger goals after achieving previous ones. It’s a process of perpetual expansion, where each goal achieved propels you toward an even greater one. The ultimate ambition is to positively influence 1 billion people in various aspects of life—mentally, physically, and emotionally. The host acknowledges the challenges of life and the profound satisfaction that comes from feeling good about oneself and others.

Cliff shares his personal journey, starting as an overweight kid who successfully shed the extra pounds. He then pursued a career as a high-level athlete, achieving success in multiple sports, including becoming a state champion and an all-American football player. His journey culminated in fighting in the UFC.

This episode touches on the idea of evolving goals and the importance of surrounding oneself with the right people who provide support and encouragement. It emphasizes that competition is often an internal battle rather than an external one. Gratitude plays a pivotal role in achieving these goals, with the mantra of waking up each day striving to be the best version of oneself and helping others do the same.

This inspiring episode encourages viewers to set ambitious goals, embrace growth, and surround themselves with positive influences on their path to success.

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Join us for another episode of Mornings with Movers as we dive into the world of entrepreneurship in the moving industry. Hosted by Dwyght from Mack’s Moving Training, alongside Clifford Starks, the motivational coach, and special guest Jonathan from Ferguson Moving & Storage in Canada. From tech issues to training initiatives, we discuss the trials and triumphs of running a successful moving company. Don’t miss out on the insights and experiences shared in this enlightening conversation!

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