Morning With Movers Ep. 39: Insider Stories & Strategies for Moving Business Success

Morning With Movers Ep. 39: Insider Stories & Strategies for Moving Business Success

Welcome to another inspiring episode of “Morning with Movers”! In this episode 39, aired in January amidst a looming snowstorm, I, Dwyght from Mack’s Moving Training, am thrilled to bring together an incredible panel Clifford Starks, a motivational coach, Phil Diamond, our expert from Tampa Bay, and Joining us Ted Cotter from Inside Moves 123.

Dive into Ted’s fascinating backstory, starting as a summer job at Beacons Moving and Storage, evolving through his 17-year journey there, and his experiences in sales post-union removal. Ted shares invaluable insights about training systems, handling a large-scale moving operation without modern technology, and the evolution of the moving industry.

We also dive into the complexities of running a moving business, from training employees to dealing with internal competition and the importance of keeping your team motivated and harmonious.

This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone in the moving industry, from owners to employees. Don’t miss these amazing stories and practical advice to navigate the moving business landscape!

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Mack’s Moving Training was born to help other Moving Owners simplify the process and get their time back. With this day and age, employee turnover is a real thing and to constantly have to repeat yourself has to be the thing of the past in order for us to grow. We hear from a lot of moving companies “we train our crew members on the truck” (which means on the job). This is a very stressful situation for a new candidate and whether you believe it or not it could be stressful for you as well. Hoping and crossing your finger your new mover doesn’t cause damage or hoping your most senior crew member doesn’t up and leave one day. Owners have too much stress to begin with training doesn’t need to be. Now we discussed the moving aspects, how is sales trained? Are they Just thrown on the phone hoping they get a sale and if they don’t, they’re gone? Let’s be intentional about our process, set our employees up to succeed and in the end we all are rewarded.

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