Morning with Movers Ep. 44: Navigating Growth and Cold Climates with Colin Vanderwerf

Morning with Movers Ep. 44: Navigating Growth and Cold Climates with Colin Vanderwerf

Join us in “Morning with Movers Ep.44” as we dive into an inspiring session filled with laughter, camaraderie, and invaluable insights from the moving industry. Today, we’re thrilled to have Phil Diamond, our beloved ‘Country Phil’ from Tampa Bay, motivational coach Clifford Starks, and a special guest from the chilly north, Colin Vanderwerf, representing Canada.

Colin braves the cold Toronto weather to share his journey of remarkable growth and strategic moves that propelled his company forward. From navigating snow-packed streets to strategic business decisions like investing in SEO and expanding the fleet, Colin’s story is a testament to resilience and vision. The episode unfolds with personal anecdotes, including the challenges of winter living and the strategic avoidance of minivans for a more stylish family transport solution.

Phil and Clifford dive into the importance of networking within the industry, highlighting how connections and shared knowledge can propel businesses to new heights, even in their nascent stages. The conversation takes a humorous turn with discussions on personal style, the practicalities of winter living, and the unanimous decision against adopting the minivan lifestyle.

This episode is not just about the trials and triumphs of the moving industry but also about the power of community, mentorship, and the continuous pursuit of growth. Whether you’re in the moving business, facing your own set of challenges, or just in need of a good laugh and some motivation, this episode is for you.

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