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1101 West Kennedy Boulevard, Orlando, FL, USA 32810

MoveitPro™ was built by professional movers, for professional movers. Our moving company software was developed with moving and storage companies to optimize the operations of moving and storage companies. The web-based moving software has numerous features to make your moving operations easier to manage. MoveitPro™ is a simple, yet powerful online moving and storage company software that can be used through any internet connection on any computer. Your data is never lost, and will always be available from anywhere you have internet access. MoveitPro™ continues to evolve to become even more powerful.


  • Billing & Invoicing

  • Claims Management
  • Customer Management

  • Dispatch Management

  • Employee Management

  • Fleet Management

  • International Moves

  • Interstate Moves

  • Jobs Management

  • Leads Management

  • Local Moves

  • Leads Management

  • LTL / Shared Truckload
  • Military / GSA Moves
  • Quotes / Estimates
  • Storage Management
  • Work Order Management
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5.0 rating
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1.0 rating
May 12, 2019

I have a problem with MoveitPro. Let me explain what happened and why they are worst moving CRM software company that you can find on the market.
More than 2 years I used Cranot CRM. It looks very good and cover all my needs. But after reading reviews about MoveitPro after 2 weeks chatting with rep from moveit pro I decided to go with them. It was my worst decision ever!!! What they promise and what they lose to do:
Charge my card after they fully set up my profile and charge only after. They charge it immediately and I don’t even know that. Charge without my confirmation!!!
I mention thousand times that I do only interstate movers( no local) and charge not by weight and distance!!! Only Cubic Feet charge! Thay said that is not the problem and they will do everything but in the end I got email where they said that they can’t set up it. Email screenshoot
Software doesn’t work properly!!! Probably that why they don’t have any trial. Because software is suck. Only stress using that!!!
After first week they tried to charge my card over 3000$ without my agreement!!!
During the first month they charge my card over 500$ but they supposed to charge only 280$ and only after they fully set up my profile
So I email them if you not able to set up your CRM based on my need it’s no point for my to use it and pay for that. I got answer from them that I have commitment for 12 month and no matter what I have to pay etc. Yes I should to pay but the main question for what? For CRM that I can’t even use because they can’t set up it based on my needs? BTW every day they try to charge my card. Couple tries to do that and like I said without my knowing!!!
STAY AWAY from them!!! Worst company ever, worst customer support ever, worths technical department ever!!! I can send you all email where they promise me and don’t do.
Will post everywhere!!!!

5.0 rating
March 13, 2019

Customer service Is A-1 There is always someone there to answer a call if I have questions.
The dashboard is easy to use, estimating moves is easier than ever and scheduling moves simple with in minutes I can have a move booked and a crew scheduled. Much better than Move Point. Jason and his team are grrreat.

Tunde Deane