While moving companies operate in a very ‘low-tech’ industry, they are missing out on powerful moving software that can streamline their operations, provide a greater customer experience, and greater returns on their investment.

It’s time to consider employing moving software to help your company in several different ways. Let’s discuss nine of the hidden benefits and why you should make a consideration today:

Greater Productivity

Simply put, time is money. The more efficiently you can make use of your time, the greater the amount of money you can make. Good moving software allows you to operate with extreme efficiency by streamlining the lead capturing and estimating process. This alone may convince you to change moving software providers.

Better Lead Capture

With most moving software you can funnel customer leads from your company’s website and outside moving leads providers. The digital transfer of this information saves your company time and the hassle of manually inputting this information yourself.

Consider that an employee may take about 8 minutes to enter a prospect’s information into your system. At an average of 10 leads a day, moving software can save your company 40 hours a month in data entry alone!

On-Site Estimate Capability

Every move is different and your sales rep must be able to arrive at an accurate estimate based on a multitude of factors. Traditionally, estimates are done on paper using Cube Sheets and can be very cumbersome, time-consuming.

A good moving software with an integrated mobile app eliminates the need for archaic cube sheets. The app would help you breeze through the move inventory, work without an Internet connection and also help you snap photographs of items involved in the move.

Now consider that the same employee may take 45 minutes on average to complete an estimate using a cube sheet. A mobile app can help you complete the same estimate in under 10 minutes. At an average of 5 estimates per day, the mobile app can save your company over 80 hours a month in estimating alone!

Cost Savings

Operating on paper is expensive. Printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines – they all cost money. Aside from their purchasing cost, you must factor in ink, maintenance, and paper. Studies estimate that each employee uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year. This paper costs around $500 per employee. Once you factor how many employees you have to provide paper for, the numbers start to add up quickly.

If you’re a new entrant in the moving industry, you want to keep your startup costs as low as possible while you focus on growing your revenue.

Also consider the variable costs associated with time spent on printing, preparing, reviewing and handing off paperwork.
How about the losses from errors or omissions that cut into your profits?

Electronic Bill of Ladings

Now consider an electronic BOL mobile app to help your foremen complete moves like a pro and collect payments electronically. An electronic BOL mobile app eliminates the need for paper-based documents like contracts, BOL’s, waivers, and job summaries. In addition, the app provides your foremen with more functionality at their fingertips. The app guides them step-by-step through the move and cuts down the frequent phone calls to your office.

By going paperless, you can significantly reduce your fixed paper-based costs while greatly reducing your variable costs associated with time spent on dealing with paper. Not only do you save on the supplies – your employees get that time back for more productive activities.


Moving to a paperless operation is not only the most profitable decision you can make, but it’s also the most environmentally-friendly one! We destroy 30 million acres of natural forests annually. The destruction happens from the moment we cut the tree down for paper all the way up until we burn it at landfills.

We must play a role in protecting our environment – it’s not too late to make a positive impact. By reducing your paper consumption, you’re not only helping your business – you are helping the world.

Easy Access and Retrieval of Information

Managing your operations on paper is not only expensive but also inefficient. Employees in the paper-intensive moving business spend up to 30% of their time looking for notes and documents, and 10% of those notes and documents are either lost or misfiled. Multiply that by your payroll to see how much you can save by going paperless.

Compare the ease of searching up anything on your moving software to the time wasted in shuffling through a disorganized filing cabinet or stacks of paper to find what you’re looking for, and the answer is simple.

With mobile apps, you will run a more efficient operation in the office and out in the field as well. Your field representatives will have access to the information they need at their fingertips.

Collaboration & Sharing Information

Paperless operations foster greater collaboration. Are multiple employees working on a customer issue?

Under the paper method, generally, notes are scribbled down on a sticky note on one employee’s desk. It is up to that employee to spread the message to all other employees involved. Unfortunately, when the phone continues to ring – these updates can slip through the cracks. By using moving software as a central hub for all activity, you ensure that all employees are looking at the same information and that they have the most recent information.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

If your office staff is tied up in preparing, reviewing and handing off paperwork, they are not available to respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner. We live in an era of instant gratification, nobody wants to wait long for a response – or a document for that matter.

Your customers will appreciate their document requests being filled within seconds when you operate paperlessly. They will also notice and appreciate your use of technology to provide them with a great customer experience.

Going paperless eliminates headaches for both the company and their customers. When you offer a quality service with greater convenience, you earn satisfied customers. This leads to repeat sales and better reviews – which carry a lot of weight in our digital environment.

Netensity Moving Software

The true cost of paper lies not only in the production of paper or printing of information on the paper but also in the handling of the paper. Movegistics CRM software by Netensity is a truly paperless solution that will take your business to the next level. From true mobile accessibility to a convenient customer portal, combined with powerful dispatching, storage & billing functionality – Movegistics is the first and only enterprise moving software in its class. With convenient features and mobile apps that streamline operations, save money, and lead to a greater customer experience – you can enjoy all the hidden benefits of going paperless and put more money in your pocket with Movegistics. Visit www.netensity.com to learn more about Movegistics CRM.

About The Author: Adarsh Dattani – Founder & CEO, Netensity Corporation

Adarsh is a serial entrepreneur with a rare blend of hands-on experience in the moving industry and in the development of disruptive technologies. Adarsh has worked in lead technology roles with very large corporations including fortune 50 companies.

Prior to founding Netensity, Adarsh owned a successful multi-million dollar moving company in California. He even got a successful exit from the moving company after streamlining and automating all operations with Movegistics.

Adarsh founded Netensity in 2007 to help other moving companies achieve similar results and he has since helped hundreds of moving companies grow rapidly with Movegistics.

Adarsh is passionate about helping our customers succeed. He is very hands-on and he often loves to personally engage with customers. “Over the last decade, Movegistics has been successfully disrupting an industry that has not seen any significant change for over 50 years. This would not have been possible without the help of our valued customers. We are always listening to our customers and our talented developers enjoy building game-changing features for them. With an unprecedented number of consumers now using mobile devices to shop and connect more than ever before, native mobile apps are the next big thing and a priority at Netensity. We recently announced our fourth major release of Movegistics with more path-breaking mobile apps that will forever transform how moving companies capture leads, perform estimates, and complete their moves.” Visit Movegistics