Adapting to Change: Gary and Jason’s Blueprint for Success

Adapting to Change: Gary and Jason’s Blueprint for Success

Gary, Jason’s father, took over a moving company in Winter Park, FL, with Jason’s Grandmother and skillfully transformed it into the largest independent mover in the Orlando area by 1985. Under Gary’s leadership at J&J Metro, a strategic purchase of a 1-acre property paid off handsomely, significantly boosting cash flow and setting the stage for the creation of MoveitPro. The company adeptly navigated numerous challenges, from rising interest rates that discouraged moving to the complex shift from traditional marketing methods to the dynamic world of social media. Gary underscores the crucial role of adaptability, the importance of employee integrity, and his deep gratitude for his team’s dedication to protecting clients’ property. This blog post delves into these themes, sharing rich insights from Gary and Jason’s engaging podcast, complete with humorous anecdotes about creative problem-solving and memorable employee experiences.

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The Moving Company Owners Podcast is hosted by Jason Bergenske, founder of MoveItPro Software and Lion’s Den Booking Service, and the Moving Company Owners Podcast.

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Join us for another episode of Mornings with Movers as we dive into the world of entrepreneurship in the moving industry. Hosted by Dwyght from Mack’s Moving Training, alongside Clifford Starks, the motivational coach, and special guest Jonathan from Ferguson Moving & Storage in Canada. From tech issues to training initiatives, we discuss the trials and triumphs of running a successful moving company. Don’t miss out on the insights and experiences shared in this enlightening conversation!

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