Jeannie B’s NO COMPETITION approach to becoming our TOP SALES REP at Moveitpro

Jeannie B’s NO COMPETITION approach to becoming our TOP SALES REP at Moveitpro

If you have already had the pleasure of working with our Top Sales Agent Jeannie B, then you know her reputation well. If you haven’t then you will be meeting her soon. In this weeks episode of Shift Happens: Beyond The Boxes I sit down with MoveitPro’s very own Jeannie. From a home educator and graphic designer to being our Leading Sales Agent within a year we take a look at what makes her such an amazing employee and invaluable member of our team. She brings such great experience and insight to MoveitPro.

Initially seeking a change from being a Home Educator and Graphic designer for 14 years, Jeannie started as one of our Call Center Agents and quickly rose to become the Top Representative she now is within a year. Jeannie shares her unique perspective that she brings to her sales role, teaching us the importance of empathy in client connections and the value of perseverance and never giving up despite challenges. If you are a moving company hiring employees, you will learn a great deal from this Podcast. If you are an employee thinking about your career prospects, we also have great insight for you here. Enjoy watching it on YouTube and listening to it on your favorite podcast app!

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The Moving Company Owners Podcast is hosted by Jason Bergenske, founder of MoveItPro Software and Lion’s Den Booking Service, and the Moving Company Owners Podcast.

MoveItPro Moving Software was built by professional movers, for professional movers. Their moving company software was developed with moving and storage companies to optimize the operations of moving and storage companies. The web-based moving software has numerous features to make your moving operations easier to manage. MoveitPro™ is a simple, yet powerful online moving and storage company software that can be used through any internet connection on any computer. Your data is never lost, and will always be available from anywhere you have internet access. MoveitPro™ continues to evolve to become even more powerful.

Lion’s Den Booking Service is an elite sales team seasoned with industry knowledge waiting to take your moving company to the next level. Catch leads while they’re hot with our trained moving consultants. With our proven sales process and seamless CRM integration, we help moving companies like yours keep their schedules full. Lion’s Den prides itself on offering the best technology, customer service, and the desire to get bookings closed to make your company more money.

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