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LiveSwitch Contact helps movers save time and book more jobs. It’s a simple video solution that is widely used by moving companies for remote estimates, sales consultations and communicating with clients. The browser-based video tool allows moving companies to instantly text a meeting link to their shipper or prospect to start a one-on-one video call from any device. All calls can be recorded and shared for record-keeping, training and dispute resolution. Additionally, moving companies have the option to text [...]
Moving Letters uses the power of AI and machine technology to craft handwritten letters to send out to your moving prospects. Elevate your moving business, embrace innovative solutions, and connect deeply with clients. At MovingLetters.ai, our roots are firmly planted in the idea of rekindling that magic. We’re not just integrating the age-old art of letter writing with modern tech. We’re reigniting the emotion, trust, and connection that comes from receiving a handwritten message.
Cleared Movers is the simplest and most pleasing background check experience for moving companies you can find. Our mission is to make the screening and verification process the easiest part of running your moving company. We built Cleared Movers to combat the multiple-system chaos that plagues the moving industry. Stay organized and keep everything you need to manage your applicants in one place.
Drive Sales provides Video Survey Services for your moving prospects and much more. Use our video survey tools to run a mobile video chat with your clients OR let us run video surveys with your clients on your behalf. Keep the personal connection with your customer over a live recorded video and generate a super professional inventory in a few clicks. Check our website out – the only thing you might lose is a few minutes and stress.
In a matter of minutes, Moovsoon allows you to take control and modernize your team’s customer acquisition and relationship development process. Reach homeowners and build a Realtor referral network right in our system
SPEEDY INVENTORY is a mobile and cloud-based software solution which revolutionizes the way moving inventory is recorded and managed. On-site moving crews document all items in a move faster, better and more economically than pen and paper.
Yembo uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create your inventory list in real time. No appointments. No waiting. Embed the Yembo tool on your page, then your customers record videos, then the inventory is ready immediately for your review.
Whether you’re a real estate broker or agent, mover or new homeowner, MoveEasy makes the process of moving simpler, smarter and better. Real Estate Brokers & Agents – A seamless branded experience. The MoveEasy platform allows broker and agents to give their customers a truly personalized and pain-free moving experience, backed by powerful technology and a human touch. Moving Companies – Instant quotes + better leads = move profits. Our instant quoting tool gives movers a competitive edge by [...]
Sakari is a business text messaging service to send SMS reminders, alerts, confirmations and marketing campaigns.
Updater makes moving easier for the 17 million households that relocate every year in the US. With Updater, users seamlessly transfer utilities, update accounts and records, forward mail, and much more. Hundreds of the most prominent moving companies & real estate companies in the US (from real estate brokerages to multifamily and relocation companies) rely on Updater’s real estate products to save clients hours with a branded and personalized Updater moving experience.
Since 2004, we’ve assisted thousands of professional movers and self- movers by helping reserve jobsite parking with temporary moving permits. In the past, reserving parking for a move often meant trips to city hall, complete with long waits at multiple counters, with tired clerks presenting long lists of requirements and restrictions. Anyone who has ever attempted to pull a moving permit knows that it is often exercise in bureaucratic frustration. For many out-of-state movers, it is physically impossible to [...]
VMT specializes in short fuse surveys. Completed surveys back within 24 hours. Let VMT do the survey for you from start to finish. VMT will embed our video software on your website allowing you to perform your own video surveys for a fraction of the cost. VMT has performed over 5,000 corporate surveys. Empower your client saving both you and them time and money.