Marketing strategies for your moving company can come in 2 forms. One is short-term revenue strategies and the other is long term growth strategies.

Short-term revenue strategies are great for all movers, but especially for new movers or those struggling for business.

Long-term growth strategies usually work better for established movers or movers who can sacrifice today’s business for exponential future business.

Movers who focus solely on short-term revenue strategies miss out on the benefits long-term growth strategies bring. Those who focus solely on long-term growth strategies will never get the amount of business needed to survive.

If you plan to sink deep into the moving business and create a successful business that lasts, a healthy balance between short-term revenue strategies and long-term growth strategies are essential.

What Are The Short-Term Revenue Strategies and When Should They Be Implemented?

Short-term revenue strategies are plans put in place to get business today.

The best time to implement short-term strategies is pretty straight forward…Always and forever.

If you’re a new mover or struggling to get business, it’s best to focus most of your marketing dollars and efforts on short-term revenue strategies. This will give you the revenue needed to get your business off the ground.

Short term growth strategies include mailers, PPC, buying moving leads, & buying other forms of advertisement space to get immediate business.

If you need help with these, check out these moving leads providers and marketing & advertising providers who work specifically in the moving industry.

With short-term revenue strategies, you’re expected to get “x” amount of money in return for “x” amount you spend.

Mastering these strategies first and coupling it with a great sales system, tracking ROI, and making adjustments are vital to the foundation of any moving business.

What Are Long-Term Growth Strategies And When Should You Implement Them?

Long-term growth strategies are plans put in place now to get future business down the road.

Efforts toward long term growth strategies (aside from branding moving trucks and providing great service) are usually implemented after mastering short-term revenue strategies.

Movers who’ve mastered short-term revenue strategies and fail to implement long-term strategies end up leaving a lot on the table. Long-term growth strategies bring inexpensive business in the future.

Business that comes from long term growth strategies is usually much harder to track ROI.  As a result, many movers overlook long-term strategies as part of their marketing plan.

Don’t be short-minded…

There is a large moving company in Boston who sponsors the Boston Marathon. They drive their fleet of trucks down the streets among the entire city. They likely spend thousands and thousands of dollars to sponsor that event.

If that company tracked ROI from that effort after a few months, their numbers would likely fall short of what they spent. In reality, the amount of business they get from the community after sponsoring the event year after year likely pays for itself exponentially.

The longer your business has been implementing long term strategies, the lower your overall customer acquisition cost. As a result, more people will come straight to you, rather than search for movers.

What Are Some Other Long Term Growth Strategies That Make People Come Straight To You?

Networking With Realtors + Email Marketing

A solid networking approach supplemented with a solid email marketing system to keep in touch is a great long-term growth strategy.

Networking with these audiences takes a lot of upfront time and money. But, the long term benefits your company will receive in terms of referral business can grow your business exponentially.

When you do land a referral job and provide superior service, you’ll have acquired a referral partner who can send you referrals from many of their clients for free.

Hiring Great People & Paying Them Well

Hiring great people and paying them a bit more to stay with you is a long-term growth strategy.

Although it costs more money and time to find these people initially, these great workers will begin to establish what your moving company is all about.

In the long term, you’ll greatly benefit from the reputation these great workers have created for your moving business. This benefit comes in the form of positive online reviews, repeat business, and referral business.

Branding Your Moving Trucks

Although many movers don’t skip this one when starting out, branding your moving trucks is an essential long-term growth strategy. It typically costs anywhere between $2-$5k to brand each moving truck. It’s a heavy upfront investment but over the course of 7 years it’s only $24-$60 per month for each truck, and even less if the image on your trucks last beyond 7 years.

Most movers already understand this long-term strategy. They know that over time, having branded moving trucks drive through the communities they serve is a very inexpensive investment over the life of their moving business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you’re a new moving company, with a new website, hiring an SEO company is one of the biggest risks you can take.

However, if you’ve hired the right company, the benefit of being in the organic search results a year or so down the road will pay off big time. If you’ve hired the wrong company, well then you’ve wasted a lot of money for nothing.

Here are 4 companies I recommend for SEO: Mover Search Marketing, Rotate Digital, Movers Development, and TL4M.

And here is a company I highly recommend for Local SEO: Today’s Local Media.

Email Marketing

Email marketing to your previous clients and referral contacts is another great long term growth strategy.

It ensures you that the customers you provide great service to remember you and stay front of mind.

Email marketing keeps YOUR  happy customers from searching for movers again the next time they move. If they move with you again that customer’s acquisition cost next time is essentially free.

It also helps supplement your networking efforts with realtors and encourages realtors, previous customers, and other referral contacts to refer business to you.

If you’re looking for an email marketing company with expertise in both the moving industry and email marketing, look no further than us at Moversville. Here’s what our customers have to say.

Community Involvement

Community involvement includes approaches such as the one stated above with sponsoring events, doing charity work, and helping your community in any other way.

It’s a great long-term growth strategy along with an overall branding strategy to get in the eyes of your community and show them how much you care about them.

So what’s more important? Short-term revenue strategies or long-term growth strategies? The answer is both. But, depending on where you are with your moving business will determine where to focus most of your efforts.

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