After years of working with moving companies, we’ve come to the conclusion that successful moving companies show strong qualities in these 3 core areas: acquiring leads, selling their services, and providing great service. Any fault in one of these can drastically keep movers from being successful.

In this article, we’re going to focus on how to get leads for your moving company and the many areas you can generate leads to keep your moving company strong and thriving. One thing to remember about generating moving leads is that there is no one place to get your leads. It’s important to diversify your attempts and be everywhere you possibly can.

Having a steady supply of moving leads is one of the most important parts of having a successful moving business. Here are 17 ways to get leads for your moving company.

1. Get Your Branding In Line

Your branding is something to establish when you first start your business, but if you’re an older company it’s never too late to bulk it up.

Your brand image is very important, especially in the moving industry because often times your marketing and advertising messages may not always reach those who need moving services at that current moment. If you have a good brand image, people who see your message or interact with your company when they don’t specifically need services are more likely to remember you when it’s time they do need services.

You’ll be surprised with the number of direct leads you get in the long-term from people who’ve seen your trucks, your clean cut crews in uniform, stumbled across your facebook page, have your business card, visited your website, or see your email etc.

Your brand is a subtle but major component in the final decision consumers make on which moving company to contact.

2. Mailers

Mailers are a pillar marketing tactic when it comes to getting leads for your moving company.

A good mailers campaign involves acquiring the data of people whose homes go up for sale in your community and sending them an advertisement postcard for your moving services.

Mailers have been getting leads for moving companies for years and years and are still working very well to this day.

In order to get the listings of people whose homes are for sale as well as those who go pending, connect with a company like USA Home Listings or Just Listed Mailers. These companies supply you with the list data of people you need to target for your mailers campaign. They even have the ability to filter out the home value and specific counties or zip codes so you can further target the right people.

A good mailers system first involves having a good postcard. You may want to test your postcards to see which ones get the most leads. Here’s how to design your postcard for your moving company.

A good send schedule you can use for your mailers is to send twice (a week apart) as soon as the home goes up for sale, and twice (a week apart) as soon as a home goes pending.

3. Pay Per Click

Pay per click options like Google Ads and Bing Ads are a great way to get moving leads. These are the ads you see above the organic search results that are clearly marked “ad”. The great thing about paying for this kind of search traffic is that you can target certain keywords people are searching. Doing this allows you to show up when someone is searching specifically for movers in your area.

The one thing about pay per click is that the success of a campaign relies heavily on your websites ability to convert the click into a lead. This requires flexibility with your website and the ability to track and test certain campaigns. The more you track and test your pay per click campaigns the more you can drive the cost per conversion down.

4. SEO

SEO is another strong source of moving leads. SEO involves optimizing your moving company’s website to show up in the organic results on Google when someone searches for movers in their area.

SEO is not always straightforward and can get expensive if you decide to hire a company. But, this higher risk marketing approach has major benefits when it comes to getting leads for your moving company.

Showing up organically on the first page of Google when someone searches for movers in their area is hands down the best place you can be to get leads for your moving company.

If you feel that SEO might be too much of a risk or too much money if you’re going to hire a company, consider going with the smallest package at first. You at least want to be found when people are searching for the name of your company. If you know absolutely nothing about websites or basic SEO, ask your SEO company about their less expensive options. Don’t just cross it off the list if it’s too expensive.

Here are some marketing and advertising services for movers who provide service specifically for the moving industry.

5. Local SEO

When referring to Local SEO, we mean showing up in the local maps section on Google. Being here is another great place to be to get moving leads for your moving company.

Local SEO results show up higher than organic results and get more attention for certain search queries than the organic search results. It also has a call button where people can either quickly call you or visit your website. These results usually get more clicks on mobile devices.

The only downside to only doing Local SEO is that if you have one location, you can only show up where that location is unless you have multiple physical locations. Whereas regular SEO for organic search results you can create as many city landing pages as you like.

Here’s a great video on setting up your Google my business listing to get higher ranking on the local maps section.

6. Google Guarantee / Google Local Service Ads

Google Guarantee or Google Local Services Ads are the listings at the very top of certain search results where the consumer can only directly call your company.

Google is starting to heavily monetize search queries when someone searches for certain services, and this is one way they’re doing it.

To get set up with Google Local Services, you’re required to go through a screening process with Google before you’re able to show up. When you get accepted by Google, they have you set a budget and you pay per call.

We’re currently working closely with a company using these Google Local Service Ads and they’ve expressed how much they like how trackable it is, as well as having the ability to quickly turn off and on the ads when they start to get busy with requests in the office.

7. Utilize Your Moving Trucks

Don’t forget that your moving trucks are rolling billboards. Here are a few things you can do to utilize your branded moving trucks to reach your community and eventually get more leads for your business.

  • When a large local event is happening where large amounts of the community gather, like a local concert, find a place to legally park your truck so attendees can see your truck as they walk by or attend the event.
  • Find a local freeway or high trafficked road and again, find a place to legally park your truck so your community can see it. Consider making deals with the businesses or landowners to park your trucks during certain high trafficked times of the day.
  • Don’t let your trucks sit in the lot all day if they’re not being used during the day. Figure out where you can legally take your trucks in the community to get a lot of viewers.
  • Wherever you decide to take your trucks, make sure it’s legal and they’re in spots where there is a lot of traffic from people in your community.
  • Keep doing it. You may not see immediate benefit from doing this kind of advertising and you might decide to get lazy and stop doing it. Don’t make that mistake, keep doing it and keep growing your brand within the community you serve.
  • Take a lot of pictures and videos of your trucks, especially if you’re moving a nice large home, and use them on your website, Facebook, and other marketing material.
  • Give back to your community and provide simple free services that use your moving truck. You can then take pictures of what you’re doing and share them on social media.

8. Email Marketing To Previous Customers & Referral Contacts

The easiest leads to book are previous customers and referrals. For the most part, there is no competition because these moving leads have either had a report with your company in the past or they’ve had a personal recommendation from someone who has used you. They are almost already set on using your services when they call.

The best way to maximize your repeat and referral business is by providing excellent services, then by email marketing on a monthly basis to keep in touch. By doing this, you’ll begin to grow your repeat and referral business.

Also, keeping touch via email with real estate professionals, property managers, home lenders etc. is a great way to stay in front of mind and continue receiving those referral leads.

Check out this article on 10 Email Marketing Tips For Movers so you have a full understanding of how to do it right and maximize your efforts.

9. Buying Moving Leads From Providers

Buying moving leads from moving leads providers can be a good way to get business if you have a great sales system. Often times moving leads are sold to many moving companies and you are competing for their business. This can especially be tough if the consumer is price driven.

Many companies have success with moving leads, and many don’t and it may all be determined on the location you live in, and your sales system. In any case, if you need business it’s worth a shot to try buying moving leads from moving leads providers.

Here is a list of moving leads providers to check out.

10. Network With Realtors & Those Involved In The Home Buying Process

Networking with real estate professionals and other professionals involved in the home buying / renting process like lenders, home inspectors and property managers are a great way to get referral leads for your moving company.

You can network with these people online on Facebook, LinkedIn, and through email marketing. You can also network with these people at real estate events.

You can also consider when hiring a salesperson, to hire someone who already has contacts in the real estate industry. Instead of hiring based on what they know in sales, consider hiring based on who they know. This can go a long way into getting more leads from real estate professionals.

Here’s another way you can begin to acquire more moving leads from real estate professionals:

11. Network With Your Community Online

Networking with your community online often involves finding community Facebook Groups and simply being social with everyone. If people know what you do and that you have a moving company, all you really have to do is stay social within the groups and you can get leads.

Go into Facebook and search at the top for your city. Then click on groups to find the groups. Simply join a group and introduce yourself. Tell them what you do and if anybody needs help with anything related to the community that you can help answer their questions. Something like:

“Hello, I just want to introduce myself to this group. My name is John with John’s Moving Company in the local area. I’ve been part of this community for over 25 years and have gotten to know many new residents as well as those who’ve been a part of this community for generations. If you have any questions regarding the community like which neighborhoods are safe or what my favorite ice cream shop is just let me know 😉 –  And of course if you have any moving related questions I’m definitely here for you all. Have a great day!”

Do this for a few groups in your area and you’ll be surprised how many people are simply interested in what your favorite ice cream shop is! These kind of small engagements are the key to networking and these small connections ultimately turn into moving leads for your moving company.

When doing this method. DO NOT just promote your services. This comes off very spam-like and these kinds of messages go over the heads of consumers very quickly. Be helpful and just be a person, those are the kinds of messages that stick.

Check out this podcast from the Grow Your Moving Company Podcast explaining how to use social media in the moving industry.

More episodes from the Grow Your Moving Company Podcast

12. Network With Other Moving Companies

You may see other moving companies only as competitors, but often times you can swap business back and forth with each other. There could be many times where a moving company can’t serve their lead. Sometimes it’s because their calendars are full or the lead is moving long distance etc. Many movers would like to still help out the lead by referring them to another credited mover.

Consider connecting with other movers in your area and give them a referral fee if you book the job.

13. Network With Storage Facilities

Storage facilities always have people moving in and out. You can easily walk into any storage facility in your area and speak with the manager, introduce yourself and your company, and ultimately ask for referrals. You can also give a small referral fee to those who refer your services.

With these kinds of referral targets, be sure that every month or two, you take a day to visit your referral contacts and thank them for their referrals and maybe show up with some donuts, baked goods, coffee gift cards or whatever.

If you don’t have the time to visit, still do something. At least send them a nice email or give them a call. Always maintain your relationships with your referral contacts by doing things like this.

14. Network With Apartment Complexes

Similar to the storage facilities, apartment complexes always have people moving in and out. You can easily walk into the rental office and speak with the manager and ask for referrals. Again, you can give a small referral fee. Once again, make sure you’re touching in every month or so to maintain the relationships you have.

15. Facebook Advertising & Retargeting

The moving business & retargeting are a perfect match for each other, here’s why:

The relocation process, from selling a home to moving into a new one, can last several months. If you have retargeting set up on your website,  your moving company will remain seen throughout a prospect’s entire process, beginning to end.

Retargeting happens through Google Ads, which display on millions of other people’s websites, and through Facebook Ads, which display within Facebook & Instagram.

By adding certain code to your website (which Google & Facebook give you) and setting up Retargeting campaigns in Google Adwords & Facebook, when somebody lands on your website, a cookie is placed in their browser, and they start seeing your ads on all websites that display Google ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

16. Yelp

Many movers have mixed feelings about Yelp. On one hand, many movers will never pay for Yelp ads since they feel they have too much control over the reputation of their business.

At the same time, many movers get a lot of moving leads from Yelp by paying for their services. However you feel about Yelp, it makes sense to at least give them a try and see how it works for you.

In any case, it’s our opinion to “use” Yelp and “not let them use you”. Here’s what we mean.

17. Try New Things Other Movers Aren’t

Just because other movers aren’t doing certain marketing tactics to generate leads, doesn’t mean they don’t work. In fact, being places where other movers aren’t, gives you a competitive edge. Take the risks if you feel like your vision can work out and don’t hesitate just because other moving companies aren’t doing the same thing.

Sure, it’s important to know what sources of moving leads work, but don’t put all of your eggs in that same basket as other movers. Follow your intuition in your company and if you have a certain vision that will bring you moving leads and you feel like it will work, by all means, try it out and track your results.

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