Whether it is moving across town or across the country, relocating takes a lot of work. From furniture to boxes, and even pets, there are so many things to account for when you are planning a move.

That is why when someone is ready to hire a mover, they do their homework first. This usually starts with an online search of Google for moving companies in their area. It can also include local reviews, testimonials, and a search of the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

We see this firsthand at Today’s Local Media. Our customers rely on their online presence each day to bring them new leads and customers.

Ultimately, your website can make or break your moving company. And as we prepare for 2019, all websites are not created equal. There are thousands of licensed movers in the U.S. And most (if not all of them) have a website.

That means you need to stand out and have a great website. Here are six website design tips:

1. Unique Web Design

A unique website design will help you stand out from the competition. Don’t be afraid to go with a bold layout, colors, and fonts. As long as the website is easy to read and navigate of course. You will need to balance a great user experience with a beautiful look and feel.

2. Phone Number

Have your phone number on the top right of the website where it can be easily seen. And make sure it is always clickable on mobile phones as well as desktop devices. Often times phone calls are higher quality leads than simple form leads.

3. Quick Estimate Form

Be sure to provide a quick estimate form on all pages. Some visitors are busy and don’t have time to call, but can find enough time to fill out a quick form. Remember to also have a CTA (Call-to-action) button that leads to a more robust form where a potential customer can give more information. Do not be afraid to test different button colors and fonts as well.

4. Great Content

Use plenty of content on your website and have pages dedicated to all the moving services you offer. Website visitors will want to read up on your business and your experience. More often than not, people want to do business with local movers that know the area well.

5. Association & Award Logos

Similar to using reviews to help your business stand out, you likely have a Facebook, Yelp, or Google local page. Be sure to leverage these in your website’s design. Include logos for awards, accreditations, memberships, and associations.

6. High-Quality Photos

Add personalized photos of your crew and trucks to give visitors confidence that you are a professional company with trustworthy employees. Prospective customers have likely heard stories of scams over the years, and photos go a long way in reducing fear and worry.

Great Websites Drive Great Leads

A great website is essential for attracting prospects, converting leads, and retaining customers. We know this because at Today’s Local Media we have worked with dozens of movers across the country.

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