Running a successful small business is no walk in the park, much less operating a moving business in a highly competitive and heavily regulated industry. The Small Business Administration estimates that there are over 30 million small businesses in the United States. Furthermore, the SBA also states that about 30% of these businesses fail within their first two years and nearly half fail within 5 years.

Succeeding in a hyper-competitive moving industry requires the careful management and oversight that you can only get through good CRM software. If you’re considering investing in a CRM for your moving company, these striking stats sourced from independent research studies might convince you to pull the trigger:

1. CRM Software Offers an 871% Return on Investment

A study by Nucleus Research claims that for every dollar spent on CRM software, companies bring in $8.71 in return. Considering the fact that most wealthy investors marvel at their 10 to 15% returns, the idea of an 871% return would probably make their mouths water.

Interestingly enough, the same research firm claims their study displays that companies reduce their sales cycle by up to 14% while employing a CRM. As a result, sales teams are able to close deals much quicker and move on to new leads – thus driving up topline revenues.

Many moving businesses spend a fortune on purchasing moving leads but have a less than 12% conversion rate to show for the spend. A good moving company CRM can significantly boost closing ratios and allow you to book more top dollar moves.

2. 22% of Sales reps Still Don’t Know What a CRM Is

According to Hubspot nearly a quarter of sales reps do not know what a CRM is or what it does and 40% of sales reps still use traditional tools like spreadsheets and email programs to store and track customer data.

If you are reading this article, you know what a CRM is but how about your competitors? What are the odds that their sales reps are using a moving CRM software?

3. 24% More Reps Achieve Sales Quotas With Mobile Access To Their CRM

Recent statistics by the Aberdeen Group show that nearly a quarter more sales reps achieve their yearly sales goals with the addition of mobile access to their CRM. Another study by Nucleus Research claims that sales reps increase their sales by about 26% when adding mobile apps to their CRM.

Tools like mobile estimating apps empower reps to complete onsite move estimates more accurately while maintaining a professional appearance. This enables them to close more deals on the spot and achieve sales goals.


4. CRMs Help Increase Sales By 29% and Productivity by 30%

Studies by Salesforce are displaying that CRM software increases sales by 29%. Furthermore, the systems increase salesperson productivity by over 30% and sales forecast accuracy by 42%.  A CRM revitalizes every aspect of your moving business – but it’s effects have the greatest emphasis on empowering your sales department. This is critical when you consider that moving is a seasonal business. You want your sales reps to fire on all cylinders during moving season and that’s precisely what a moving CRM helps them do.

5. Best-in-Class Sales Teams are 81% More Likely to be Using a CRM System

A study published by the Aberdeen Group on leading sales teams displays a stunning 81% likelihood of utilizing a CRM. The message is clear. Utilizing a CRM system allows for a results-oriented sales team that follows up on every moving lead and does not let any deal fall through the cracks.

6. 74% of Users Say Their CRM Improves Access to Customer Data

In a study presented by Software Advice, 74% of all respondents are stating that using a CRM improves their access to customer data. By gaining a better understanding – they position themselves to make an impact that leads to a sale.  Growing your moving business is all about understanding your customers and building lasting relationships.

7. 47% of Users Agree Their CRM Bolsters Customer Retention and Customer Satisfaction

A 2015 study by Capterra displays some exciting statistics on CRM’s effects on customer retention and customer satisfaction. Specifically, 47% of companies utilizing CRM software systems report a significant (positive) impact on customer retention and an equal number agree their CRM has a significant impact on customer satisfaction. With customer acquisition costs at an all-time high, more moving companies than ever before now rely on referrals and positive online reviews. A good moving company CRM can help get valuable referrals and positive reviews on a consistent basis.

CRM Software is Ushering in the Next Generation of Independent Moving Companies.

Until recently, the moving industry was mostly dominated by van lines and was sadly lagging behind in its use of enabling modern technologies like CRM. The industry is however rapidly changing now with several millennial independent movers reaping the benefits from modern CRM technology to gain a competitive advantage in their markets.

Today, the CRM market is estimated at about $120 billion and CRM is becoming a necessity. We live in a digital era, and you need a powerful CRM system to instantly gratify your customers and to take your business to the next level. Evidence suggests that the most successful moving companies started using a CRM at a very early stage and have been using it consistently.

Moving company CRMs are powerful tools that radically improve all aspects of a moving business but don’t just take our word for it. If you’re looking to be stress-free while increasing revenues and driving profits – it’s time to consider Movegistics, the #1 Moving company CRM software powered by native mobile apps. Click here to see the leading moving company CRM software in action with a FREE live demo.

About The Author: Adarsh Dattani – Founder & CEO, Netensity Corporation

Adarsh is a serial entrepreneur with a rare blend of hands-on experience in the moving industry and in the development of disruptive technologies. Adarsh has worked in lead technology roles with very large corporations including fortune 50 companies.

Prior to founding Netensity, Adarsh owned a successful multi-million dollar moving company in California. He even got a successful exit from the moving company after streamlining and automating all operations with Movegistics.

Adarsh founded Netensity in 2007 to help other moving companies achieve similar results and he has since helped hundreds of moving companies grow rapidly with Movegistics.

Adarsh is passionate about helping our customers succeed. He is very hands-on and he often loves to personally engage with customers. “Over the last decade, Movegistics has been successfully disrupting an industry that has not seen any significant change for over 50 years. This would not have been possible without the help of our valued customers. We are always listening to our customers and our talented developers enjoy building game-changing features for them. With an unprecedented number of consumers now using mobile devices to shop and connect more than ever before, native mobile apps are the next big thing and a priority at Netensity. We recently announced our fourth major release of Movegistics with more path-breaking mobile apps that will forever transform how moving companies capture leads, perform estimates, and complete their moves.” Visit Movegistics