Research studies over a number of years all reveal that 80% of sales occur only after at least five follow-ups.

Think about that. It takes at least five continuous follow-up attempts before a customer says yes. FIVE!

There are some striking statistics on this:

  • 44% of sales reps give up after one follow up.
  • 22% give up after two follow ups.
  • 14% give up after three follow ups.
  • 12% give up after four follow ups.

That tells us that 92% of sales reps give up after four “no’s”, and only 8% of sales people ask for the sale a fifth time.

When you consider that 80% of prospects say “no” four times before they say “yes”, the inference is that 8% of sales reps are closing 80% of the sales.

Why are these 8% of sales reps so successful? There are a number of factors which make a good salesperson excellent, but one of the most important is persistence – these are the 8% that don’t give up.

Fostering Persistence with a CRM

Consistently doing five or more follow-up calls per lead can quickly add up to hundreds of follow up calls per week. Several opportunities can fall through the cracks unless you have a proven sales process combined with a good moving CRM system that assists your sales team in completing and tracking their follow-ups.

In the end, even the most talented sales reps will fail if they do not have the proper systems in place for following up with prospects. A good moving company CRM system must offer powerful sales automation tools that will help turn your good sales reps into great closers.

Up until recently, moving company CRM systems offered a way to track leads and opportunities. However, they were lacking sophisticated sales follow up

management features needed to help sales reps get that elusive ‘yes’ from their prospects. Netensity is proud to announce that this is not the case anymore. Our customers have spoken, and we continue to listen!

Movegistics® is now the first and only moving company CRM software to offer a dedicated sales follow up system powered by customizable call scripts; it is the ultimate tool for sales reps and a game-changer for moving companies.

Movegistics As Your Virtual Sales Manager

The sales follow up system in Movegistics functions like a virtual sales manager by automatically prioritizing follow-ups for your sales reps, then continuously organizing and presenting follow-ups to them until the moves are either won or lost. The follow-up system uses built-in intelligence to automatically show the most relevant follow-ups to your sales reps, in the right order, and based on variables such as the time of day, the move date and the estimated dollar value of the lead.


Call Scripts & Rebuttal Scripts

Movegistics also gives your reps seamless access to customizable call scripts and rebuttal scripts so they can be better prepared to close deals, handle objections, and prevent cancellations while engaging with the prospect over the phone. The screens in the follow-up system are thoughtfully designed so your sales rep can read from a customized call script, input move info, complete inventory and price the move all from one single screen!

Follow Up Reminders & Logs

Movegistics allows sales reps to stay on top of their follow-ups, offering them convenient reminders and follow up logs to track their inbound and outbound sales efforts. Movegistics also allows your reps mobile access, so they can do their follow-ups quickly and from anywhere. When sales reps stay on track, they become productive and more likely to close a higher percentage of moves.

Follow Up Reporting

Movegistics allows sales managers to evaluate their sales team more closely with insightful follow up reporting, thus providing them with greater transparency and visibility into each rep’s performance and consistency with follow-ups. As a result, this enables your business to determine its top performers – as well as identifying which team members need more coaching or supervision. Movegistics software helps keep each team member accountable while staying on task with meeting their sales quotas.

Value Building Email Campaigns

Emails providing customer value are proven to be the most effective way to reach out to prospects who have expressed an interest in your services. Movegistics comes pre-packaged with customizable email campaigns that help make the move easier for your prospects with move checklists, packing tips, tips for comparing estimates, tips for moving with kids, tips for moving with pets, etc.

Stop wasting your hard-earned dollars on more marketing when Movegistics can help you get maximum utilization out of the leads your company already generates! Experience the synergy of some of the most powerful sales tools brought together under one CRM by Movegistics –  currently the only, all in one moving company software on the market to accomplish such a task. Book your FREE live demo today to see how the Movegistics sales follow up system can help your sales reps be among the 8% that are closing 80% of the moving sales in your market.

About The Author: Adarsh Dattani – Founder & CEO, Netensity Corporation

Adarsh is a serial entrepreneur with a rare blend of hands-on experience in the moving industry and in the development of disruptive technologies. Adarsh has worked in lead technology roles with very large corporations including fortune 50 companies.

Prior to founding Netensity, Adarsh owned a successful multi-million dollar moving company in California. He even got a successful exit from the moving company after streamlining and automating all operations with Movegistics.

Adarsh founded Netensity in 2007 to help other moving companies achieve similar results and he has since helped hundreds of moving companies grow rapidly with Movegistics.

Adarsh is passionate about helping our customers succeed. He is very hands-on and he often loves to personally engage with customers. “Over the last decade, Movegistics has been successfully disrupting an industry that has not seen any significant change for over 50 years. This would not have been possible without the help of our valued customers. We are always listening to our customers and our talented developers enjoy building game-changing features for them. With an unprecedented number of consumers now using mobile devices to shop and connect more than ever before, native mobile apps are the next big thing and a priority at Netensity. We recently announced our fourth major release of Movegistics with more path-breaking mobile apps that will forever transform how moving companies capture leads, perform estimates, and complete their moves.” Visit Movegistics