If you guys are anything like me, we all want to grow the most successful company so that we can live the life we want. Especially if you have children (like me) and want to leave a legacy for them. Nothing feels better than knowing you are growing something that will provide for your family far after you are gone.

To grow a successful moving company, I have found that there are 7 key areas that you must streamline in your company to build your reputation, increase revenue, and drive up your profits. Below are some points I have learned over time from running a 51-year-old multi-million dollar moving company that ultimately led me into the software space dedicated to Moving Companies.

1. Automating Review Process

Automating Review Process
One of the most exciting new things I have found to streamline in a Moving Company is your review process. You want to allow your customers to leave a 1-5 star review on your review platform. Depending on the rating, you will want the customer to express their rating to a redirected area that you choose.

Then, you want the review sent to you to overlook it. The key here is that when you complete a move, your customer will get a text message saying “How did we do for your move?” and a link to a page with 1 – 5 stars. If they click 1-3 stars it takes them to a form to fill out how horrible you were and it just sends it to you so you can address internally.

If they select 4 – 5 stars it will allow them to click on whatever platforms you select like “Google” or “Yelp” and the system will immediately take them where they can write the review. 95% of the time they do not even need to login to their account as they are already logged in on their phone to their Google or Yelp account. This was one of the newer features launched by MoveitPro.

2. Follow-ups

Automating Follow Ups
This is the blood of your company. You can’t survive without business and this is the easiest way to get business. You need to have an automated way of knowing when to call your follow-ups and automating all of it except for the actual call.

For instance, in our Moving Company when our reps come in every morning they have a list of all prospects that need to be called. If they get a voicemail they mark it as such and the system automatically sends out an email and text saying “Hey I just left you a voicemail, give me a call when you get a chance.” This is GOLD. All Automatic.

You then go on to the next prospect and repeat until you are done with the list. Based on the settings in our system we have these people show up sometimes 3-4 times in follow-ups over a 7 day period so that there is no guesswork of when should you call, or if someone called.

3. Accounting Software

Automating Accounting Software
When it comes down to running a company, you always need a full picture of your books. In the end, it does not matter how much your revenue is if you are losing money every month by spending too much. This is why our company uses Quickbooks Online which our software directly integrates with.

By allowing the software to transfer all of your jobs to Quickbooks and then from there being able to track your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet, it really narrows down every aspect of your company to make sure you are spending the proper amount in turning a profit.

The point of this is to make sure you have an automated way of inputting your jobs and downloading your transactions from your bank to make this a very easy automatic process that is up to date all the time.

4. Emails

Automated Emails
Time and time again emails have been proven to drive results to any company based on whatever campaign they are doing. For instance, any time someone from my moving company talks to a prospect over the phone, they receive an email saying “Thank you for talking to us”. If they were given a quote, they will also receive the quote within that email. My employees do not have to send that e-mail; it is just automatic.

This ensures that all of our customers get the same experience every time. We then have automated emails for “Tips on Move Day”, “Should I purchase additional Valuation?” and about 10 other emails that are set to go out at exactly the right time based on that customer’s sales spot in our funnel. We are able to do all of these with our software MoveitPro.

5. Social Media

Social Media
When you are trying to target your customers there is no better place to start other than social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (to name a few) is what we all use on a daily basis. Between those three, 98% of your customers are logging into them every day to connect with their family and friends to see what is going on around them. This is why it is so important to build your brand on social media and completely automate your posts.

Each of these social platforms allows you to schedule your posts and create a solid flow of content for your followers, for them to see you and keep you at the top of their mind automatically.

6. Text Messaging (SMS)

Text Messaging
Like Emails but a million times more powerful, we use them and have them set up to go out at the perfect time to our prospects and customers. This allows them the option to once again see why our moving company is the best decision for their move.

SMS also allows us to send our estimates directly to their phones, allows them to message us back and even send us pictures if they need to show us something special. Again, this is all able to be done in our software, MoveitPro, and allows about 100 different triggers based on events that happen and then can automatically send out a new message to your customers.

7. CRM Software


Full disclosure, I own MoveitPro. But the fact is I was in your shoes 8 years ago with running a moving company and needed to find a way to automate our business so we could continually grow our already existing multi-million dollar moving company, the solutions that were available were not up to par with what we wanted.

I believe that having one place that holds all of your customer data, employees’ data, estimates, bill of ladings, emails, text messages, follow-ups, leads, and a dashboard for showing me all of this information, from anywhere in the world, was the way we were going to continually grow. This is when I started on MoveitPro. Any of the modern CRM’s in the moving industry currently is a good start to taking your moving company to the next level.

If you would like to learn more things to help grow your moving company and automate your business check out our website www.moveitpro.com

Jason Bergenske
President & CEO
MoveitPro Software

About The Author: Jason Bergenske – MoveitPro


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