Submitting A Guest Post To Moversville Connect

What Is a Guest Post?

A guest post is content written by you or your company that brings value to our audience — moving companies. For example, if you’re an SEO company for movers, you might want to share tips on how to increase rankings in the search engines.

Submitting a guest post allows you to establish your name and brand name among our mover-audience by showing that you are knowledgeable in what you do.

Guest posts may be written by providers or by moving companies. Authors will be credited at the bottom of each article with a small promotion or link to your webpage of choice.

Where Do I Start?

If you’re ready to write a guest post, please review the following guidelines below to get started

Guest Post Guidelines:

  1. Guest posts must be UNIQUE and not exist or be posted on your own blog or the internet
  2. Your company must have a listing on Moversville Connect (unless you are from a moving company)
  3. Guest posts must be a Minimum of 800 words
  4. Guest posts must bring value to our audience – moving companies
  5. Guest posts must not exceed 2 external links to your own company and must be appropriately placed
  6. Guest posts should not have spelling or grammar errors
  7. Guest posts MUST be submitted in Word (.doc or .docx), or Google docs format

Why Submit a Guest Post?

Submitting a guest post to Moversville Connect helps establish your name within the moving industry.

  • Website Visitor Reach – When you submit a guest post to Moversville Connect, it is posted to our blog on Moversville Connect. Our website gets thousands of page views per month from moving company users and many of those page views are to the blog content.
  • Featured In Our Newsletter – When your article goes live on the website, we include it in our weekly email newsletter that reaches over 2,500 moving industry professionals.
  • Posted On Our Social Media – After the newsletter goes out, we then post your article on our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, reaching thousands of more moving industry professionals.

Do Guest Posts Cost Money?

No, guest posts do not cost money. As long as you can provide helpful information to our audience of moving companies and follow the guidelines, we will accept your guest post. Guest posts are on a first come, first serve basis.

Guest Post Examples:

How To Submit Your Guest Post

When you’re ready to submit your guest post or if you want to reach out to us for a few ideas on the content we like, please inquire on our contact form here.