Great customer relationships are the foundation of any business. This is especially true for moving companies, where the growth of the business relies a lot on the number of customer relationships developed and maintained over a long period of time.

Managing customer relationships when you first open your business is pretty simple since there aren’t many customers you’re dealing with. As your service portfolio grows, those customer relationships become harder to manage without the right toolset.

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a set of tools that allow businesses to manage their customer relationships and the information associated with them. These powerful tools also act as your customer database and serve to remind you of the next follow up, estimate or move, while keeping your customer information updated about the move in one central place, and much more.

A good CRM system helps both start-up movers and established moving companies maximize their profits. An intelligent CRM system turns a good team into a great one. When your staff is firing on all cylinders, you can expect not just more moves, but you can also expect the cream of the crop moves, a great reputation, and greater returns on your investment.

Topics To Consider When Deciding If A CRM Is Right For You

  • How do you manage your customer relationships?
  • How does your sales team capture customer information? Do they use post-it notes or spreadsheets? How consistently is the information transferred to a spreadsheet or program? How much time is spent completing the transfer?
  • Think about the last time a customer called you for an update? How long did they have to hold before you could find their information?
  • Does your sales team treat all customers the same way? If you could, would you rather isolate and prioritize the largest moves that you are prospecting?
  • Can you determine which of your leads are ‘hot’ or ‘cold’?
  • On average, how much time does it take for your team to do an estimate?
  • What are your closing ratios?
  • Do you do long distance moves? Do you know how your closing ratios compare for your local and long distance moves?
  • Do you get leads from multiple sources? Do you know your ROI from each lead source? Do you know which lead sources are yielding the larger moves?
  • Do you set and monitor sales quotas?
  • Are you tracking your sales pipeline? Your sales pipeline provides an overview of your sales forecast 30, 60 or 90 days out.
  • Do you provide storage services? How do you manage and track vaults? How do you bill your storage customers?
  • How do you notify all employees involved about changes or updates to a move?
  • Can your company’s current processes scale up as your business grows?
  • Have you ever missed a move, lost a customer or dealt with poor negative reviews on Yelp, BBB or social media because someone in your office actually forgot something or didn’t pass on vital information on time?
  • Most importantly, if you have the answers available for these inquiries, consider the time it takes you to find the answers to these questions.

Building a Great Online Reputation

We are in the social media age where customer interactions are amplified on the Internet. When a customer has a fantastic experience, they may tell their friends. When a customer has a poor experience, they’re likely to broadcast their thoughts to thousands, even millions of people.

As more and more businesses establish a digital presence, their social customer interactions become very significant – but what are customers most likely to complain about?

Below are some findings from a study titled ‘Roasted Reputations‘ by Corra:

  • 52% of survey respondents said they were likely to complain publicly if customer service did a poor job resolving their product or service issue
  • Almost 1 in 8 complainers do so with the hopes of hurting the company’s reputation
  • 88% of consumers have avoided a company because of a bad review on social media

Clearly, poor customer experiences lead to negative reviews, and a negative review can do serious damage–the kind that takes more than a good review to fix.

You can minimize negative reviews by employing a CRM system that will automate key tasks like sending timely updates to your customers, responding quickly to requests and educating customers upfront about your company’s policies. Additionally, you can set up automated tasks and reminders with CRM software at critical points throughout the moving process to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Want to know the benefits of a CRM? Check out this Article on 9 Benefits of Using a CRM for your moving company.

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About The Author: Adarsh Dattani – Founder & CEO, Netensity Corporation

Adarsh is a serial entrepreneur with a rare blend of hands-on experience in the moving industry and in the development of disruptive technologies. Adarsh has worked in lead technology roles with very large corporations including fortune 50 companies.

Prior to founding Netensity, Adarsh owned a successful multi-million dollar moving company in California. He even got a successful exit from the moving company after streamlining and automating all operations with Movegistics.

Adarsh founded Netensity in 2007 to help other moving companies achieve similar results and he has since helped hundreds of moving companies grow rapidly with Movegistics.

Adarsh is passionate about helping our customers succeed. He is very hands-on and he often loves to personally engage with customers. “Over the last decade, Movegistics has been successfully disrupting an industry that has not seen any significant change for over 50 years. This would not have been possible without the help of our valued customers. We are always listening to our customers and our talented developers enjoy building game-changing features for them. With an unprecedented number of consumers now using mobile devices to shop and connect more than ever before, native mobile apps are the next big thing and a priority at Netensity. We recently announced our fourth major release of Movegistics with more path-breaking mobile apps that will forever transform how moving companies capture leads, perform estimates, and complete their moves.” Visit Movegistics